2019 Registration

Registration information and forms for the 2019 Jerrell Steele Invitational are now available. Please note that the venue for the Jerrell Steele Invitational has changed. The new location is: MEADOW EVENT PARK, Farm Bureau Building, 13191 Dawn Blvd, Doswell, VA 23047.

Information for the meet can be found in the meet packet which you can download here:  2019 JS Meet Package.  To register, download the registration 2019 JS Registration (1) form and follow the instructions contained within.

Please register for the Jerrell Steele Invitational on USAGym.org and then mail in your form with t-shirt sizes for your teams.  No club will be registered for the meet that has not mailed a registration form to Dominion Amateur Gymnastics (DAG) and mailed in the registration fee by the registration deadline, regardless of reservations.

Due to overwhelming enthusiasm in registering for the Jerrell Steele Invitational, it is imperative that you register as soon as possible! Registration deadline is November 26, 2018 or when the meet fills. Any registration received after November 26, 2018 will be accepted only as availability permits. 

Level change deadline:  December 10, 2018

Microsoft Excel 2007 or later is required to use the registration form.  Apple iWork applications (iWork Sheets) will not properly view nor save the file.

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