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For all of you that joined us for the past few years THANK YOU for the tremendous growth that you have brought to our gymnastics meet.  We are taking one of the largest meets in Virginia to the next level, and are excited to announce our return to the Richmond International Raceway Complex, with even more space this year!  This fantastic partnership with the Richmond International Raceway Complex allows us to run multiple simultaneous girls meets, in addition to the boys meet providing the best experience for you, while allowing for even more participants than we have had in the past.

2013 marked the first year a Men’s and Women’s International gymnastics competition with athletes from as far away as China.  With over 1300 athletes for 2015 we are expecting great things for 2016!!

Mark your calendar now, for a GREAT event!!

We opened a general survey after the 2015 meet – we are listening and really really want to make this the event you want to come to.  Based on the feedback, there are some things we can fix – and others (the physical height of the bleachers for example) we are simply not able to change.  One of the major “issues” we heard revolved around awards.  This we can fix, We will be renting a significant additional amount of space in 2016 (an entire additional building) – this will allow for three dedicated awards spaces (one for each gym). The speed at which we run awards will no longer be an issue.  The other issues we faced was the number of athletes in a given session – this has always been a balance that we have tried to strike in trying to keep the meet to Saturday/Sunday to avoid as much impact to school schedules as possible.  However, as the meet as grown, the 2016 meet (which as other meets of this size have done for quite some time) we will be starting with sessions Friday evening.

THANK YOU for all of those that responded to the survey!

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When: January 8th, 9th  and 10th 2016                RIR
Where: Richmond International Raceway Complex (map)
Hosted by: Dominion Amateur Gymnastics & Gym Quest Gymnastics
Phone: (804) 262-9400
Hotel InformationGroup Rates!
Registration Information Email: JSWBInfo@aol.com
Registration forms: Available Here
Schedules: Men’s Schedule
Women’s Schedule

Admission Fees


Dominion Amateur Gymnastics
7330 Staples Mill Rd, Box 202
Richmond, VA 23228


Women’s Levels 2 – 10 & Elite

Women’s Xcel (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond)

Men’s Levels 4 – 10 & Elite



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